gpv 3rd

  1. What is a community?
    A group of people who live or work together in the same place.
  2. What are 3 reasons to live in a community?
    • 1. to belong
    • 2. to work
    • 3. to have fun
  3. What are goods?
    Goods are things that can be bought or sold.
  4. Jobs
    What is a service?
    A service is work that someone does for someone else.
  5. Why do people do different jobs? (give 2 reasons)
    • * people have different skills
    • * helps others meet their needs
  6. What is culture?
    A group made up of the customs and beliefs that it's members share.
  7. What is an ethnic group?
    A group of people who bring culture to different communities.
  8. What is a Holiday?
    A holiday is a special day for remembering. example: eagle, colorado enjoys flight days.
    Explain what it means to cooperate.
    People working together!
  10. What is a law and consequence?
    A law - rules that a community makes

    Consequence - what happens because of what a person does
  11. What are 3 consequences for breaking laws?
    • 1. getting hurt
    • 2. going to jail
    • 3. paying a fine
  12. A __________ is a leader of community government.
  13. People from the community who work as leaders of court are called ___________.
  14. If something is necessary and important to do it is called a ________________.
  15. Name the 4 steps for problem solving.
    1. identify the problem

    2. gather information and think about solutions

    3. choose the best solution and TRY it

    4. think about how the solution worked
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