Organizational Structures

  1. Three types of Organizational Structures
    • Functional
    • Matrix
    • Projectized
  2. Functional Organization - Advantages
    • Team members can work on multiple projects
    • Technical expertise remains within functional area
    • Functional area serves as "Home" after project completion
    • Expert knowledge and support exists in functional area
  3. Functional Organization - Disadvantages
    • Team motivation more difficult to achieve and/or sustain
    • Needs of the project are secondary to functional area
  4. Matrix Organization - Advantages
    • Enhance functional area communications
    • Efficient use of resources
    • Team members have functional "homes" after project
  5. Matrix Organization - Disadvantages
    • Team member supports two managers
    • More complex to monitor & control
    • Resource allocation may be difficult to manage
    • Increase potential for conflicts & team priority management
  6. Projectized Organization - Advantages
    • Project Manager has full authority over the project
    • Team members report to one manager
    • Communication is focused, decisions are made quickly
  7. Projectized Organization - Disadvantages
    • Duplication of resources/redundant use of equipment & people
    • Organizational goals & policies are ignored
    • Minimal exposure to functional expertise/synergy
    • No functional :home" creates concertn (& delay) for project's completion
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