1. Long Bones
    have knobby ends, called epiphyses, and a long central shaft, the diaphysis
  2. Flat Bones
    mostly associate with the skull and are composed of sheets of bone
  3. Compact Bone
    Very solid, heavy, durable, made of osteons
  4. Cancellous Bone
    porous, light, supportive, made of trabaculea
  5. Ossification
    Process of making bones
  6. Endochondral Ossification
    starts w/cartilage pattern>osteoblasts make bone matrix>ends in mid teens>osteoplasts come in later and hollow out center of bone>makes long bones w/osteons
  7. Intramembranous Ossification
    forms bone in Irregular Dense Collagenous CT>ends at age 2>forms mostly trabaculea
  8. Fonteanel
    area between ossification
  9. Articulations
  10. Synarthrosis
    Immovable joint, fibrous - Skull Suture
  11. Amphiarthrosis
    partially movable joint, cartilagenous - intervertebal joints
  12. Diarthrosis
    Fully movable joint, synovial - shoulder
  13. Type of Movement is Determined by
    • shape of joint surface
    • placemant of ligaments
  14. Arthritis
    Deterioration of the joint
  15. Osteoarthritis
    wear and tear
  16. Rheumatoid Arthritis
    autoimmune disease
  17. Osteoporosis
    excessive demineralization of bone
  18. Open Fracture
    Broken bone w/open skin wound
  19. Closed Fracture
    no skin would w/broken bone
  20. Greenstick Fracture
    Only occurs in kids>bone bends
  21. Healing of Fracture
    • bleeding-hematoma forms blood clot
    • bone callus forms
    • osteoblasts calcify the cells
    • osteoclasts remodel the bone
  22. Surgical Fixes for Fractures
    • wire
    • rod through bone
    • bone plate
  23. Sarcolemma
    Plasma membrane of muscle cell
  24. Sarcoplasm
    cytoplasm>in plasma membrane
  25. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
    Endoplasmic Reticulum>agranular
  26. T-Tubules
    extensions of sarcolemma that enter interior of muscle cells
  27. Myofilaments
    parts of cytoskeleton that helps w/contraction>creates striations
  28. Medullary Cavity
    Hollow cavity in diaphysis that houses bone marrow
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