la analytical essay terms

  1. scholarly tone
    serious and somewhat formal or academic way of writing
  2. topic sentence
    the main idea of the paragraph
  3. transition of transitional phrase
    a bridge between different ideas
  4. context
    gives a brief introduction of the textual evidence
  5. textual support
    directly quoted evidence from the text
  6. analysis of quote
    the critical evaluation of the quote and how it relates to the topic sentence
  7. concluding sentence
    summarizes the main idea of the paragraph, by echoing the topic sentence, but stating the idea a little differently
  8. thesis statement
    an arguable statement reflecting the writer's interpretation of the text
  9. outline
    a structure for planning that includes only the main points which will define the paper
  10. flow
    well organized writing that moves smoothly and logically
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la analytical essay terms