SSChapt4 sect 3

  1. How did Thomas Paine's pamhlet Common Sense infulence the colonists?
    His pamphlet commons sense changed all of the colonists behavior. The colonists all started to alkike the lidea of independence.
  2. How did Washingotn react to Common Sense?
    Washingotn also wanted to write up a delclaration of Independence.
  3. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? What was he like and why did the other delegates select him?
    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was very young and was very quiet.
  4. When is America's officeal date of Independence?
    July 4, 1776.
  5. Who was the president of the Continental COngree and why did he feel the need ot write his name so big.
    John Hancock wrote his name so big so that King Goerge could read it.
  6. Identify 3 parts to the Declaration of Independence.
    • 1) The first part streesed the idea of naturual rights. The govt. must protect these rights.
    • 2) The second part of the Declaration lists the wrongs committed by the King (THese are greivances)
    • 3) The last part says that the colonies had become "The United States of America"
  7. Who was considered a Patirot
    People who supported independence.
  8. Who was considered a Loyalist, and in which colonies would you most likely find Loyalists.
    A loyalist is someone who remained loyal to Britain. You were most likely to find loyalists in the Middle States in and in the South than in New England.
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