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  1. Breviary
    A Christian religious book of selected daily prayers and psalms
  2. Chevet
    In Gothic architecture, the term for the developed and unified east end at a church, including the choir, apse, ambulatory, and radiating chapels
  3. Feudalism
    Is a political and military system between a feudal aristocrat (a lord or liege) and his vessels
  4. Flamboyant Style
    Following the Gothic Rayonnant style and named for the flame like appearance of its pointed decoration
  5. Gothic Arch
    Pointed arch used in Gothic architecture
  6. Moralized Bible
    Bibles that are illuminated with pairings from Old and New Testament stories that illustrate moral values or prefiguration
  7. Perpendicular Style
    The final stage of English Gothic Style architecture. It had a strong emphasis and dense clusters of nonstructural ornamental ribs in the vault area
  8. Rayonnant Style
    The "radiant" style in the 13th century architecture that is associated with the royal Paris court of Louis IX
  9. Tracery
    In stained glass, the ornamental metal or stonework that creates the design into which the glass is placed
  10. Annunciation
    The Christian celebration of the announcement by the archangel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ the son of God
  11. Diptych
    A two-paneled painting or altarpiece
  12. Fresco
    Italian word for "fresh." A technique of a painting onto wet plaster
  13. Horror vacui
    Treatment of space in sculpture and painting where there are no empty areas. All parts of the surface are filled with images, design, details
  14. Tabernacle
    A sanctuary, holy place
  15. Triptych
    A three-paneled painting or altarpiece
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