Ch 1-2 Vocab

  1. Lost Cause
    South decided North winning the war was only a temporary setback.
  2. Freeman's Bureau
    Created by congress- aided former slaves. Education, financial social. Lasted 7 years. Education was most successful.
  3. Field Order No. 15
    1865: William T. Sherman- set aside abandoned land to give in forty acre plots to former slaves. Abolished later that year by President Johnson.
  4. Southern Homestead Act
    Largely unsuccessful. Gave black people preferential access to land, but even if they had land, they didn't have the money to run it.
  5. Black Codes
    Laws passed to deny black's rights.
  6. Thaddeus Stevens
    Radical Republican. Envisioned a south with no large plantations and few landless farmers.
  7. 14th Ammendment
    prohibits states from violating civil rights: outlawed the black codes.
  8. Congressional Reconstruction
    Republican dominated congress controlled Reconstruction.
  9. Johnson's Impeachment
    He deliberately violated the Act that prohibited him from removing certain office holders. Escaped impeachment by one vote.
  10. 15th Ammendment
    Guaranteed all American men of all races to vote.
  11. scalawags
    Southerners that took advantage of other southerners
  12. carpetbaggers
    Northerners that went to the south to take advantage of southerners.
  13. Union Leagues
    demanded universal suffrage
  14. Tammany Hall and Corruption
    William Tweed transformed it into a political machine. Robbed NYC of $100 mil.
  15. Civil Rights Act 1875
    Charles Sumner- bill passed watered down. Prohibited discrimination in public places. Overturned by Supreme Court in 1883
  16. Compromise of 1877
    Republican Rutherford B. Hayes install ed in the white house, and Gave Democrats control of all state government in the South.
  17. Slaughterhouse cases
    Supreme court ruled most citizenship rights lay understates, undoing any good the 14th Amendment had done.
  18. United States v. Cruikshank
    Enforcement Act only applied to violations of black rights, not individuals.
  19. Solid South
    Democratic Party rule. "New South Era"
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