1. The murder of 14 year old Emmett Till in Mississippi resulted in
    The acquittal of Roy Bryant & John Milliam
  2. Which Constitutional Amendment declared voting restrictions based on race to be illegal
    15th Amendment
  3. According to class lecture, Frederick Douglass insisted the problem of race relations was rooted in
    Lack of patriotism from White Americans
  4. The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves in which state?
  5. The introduction of conscription in March, 1863 led to
    Riots in New York City
  6. Which of the following was NOT inspired by Abraham Lincoln
  7. The "Opium Wars" of the 19th century resulted in
    All of the above
  8. This individual went to prison for opposing the Mexican-American war
    Henry David Thoreau
  9. In discussion we identified that this religious doctrine/story has been utilized throughout history to justify racism & slavery
    The "Mark of Cain"
  10. Which of the following was NOT a characteristic of the Second Great Awakening
    Promotion of pre-destination
  11. This event triggered a series of conflicts between the Cherokee Nation and the government of Georgia
    the 1829 "Great Intrusion"
  12. This individual was described in class as an abolitionist who blended Christian theology with physical force
    Nat Turner
  13. According to class lecture, this individuals presidency was plagued with similar controversies as John Quincy Adams
    George W. Bush
  14. This individual utilized whiskey as an important tool of US foreign policy
    William Henry Harrison
  15. According to class lecture, this politician abused the Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798 to advance his political career
    John Adams
  16. This individual was described in class as the "Founding Father" of American business
    Robert Morris
  17. Inspired by the American revolution, what British territory increasingly called for independence in the 1790's
  18. In the U.S. electoral system, the president of the united states is elected by
    the Electoral College
  19. James Madison addressed this factor as main root of modern "factions"
    Economic Inequality
  20. What individual was described in class as a "rum smuggler"?
    Samuel Adams
  21. According to class lecture, Thomas Jefferson was what religion?
  22. Which factor was not an outcome of the year war?
    Increased peace with Native Americans
  23. Who was the most influential philosopher on the American Revolution?
    John Locke
  24. Throughout the history of the slave trade, Europeans sold aprox. how many slaves?
    12 million
  25. The average life expectancy of a slave on South American plantations was...
    7 years
  26. What modern term was used to describe young male immigrants who arrived in the Americas as indentured servants?
    Draft Dodgers
  27. which of the following was not a commercial product of Atlantic World commerce?
  28. According to class lecture, what was the pivotal factor in Britain becoming Protestant?
    Three English Backpackers
  29. The Protestant Reformation resulted in all of the following except what?
    Martin Luther's Promotion to Bishop
  30. According to Robert Wuhl, what navigational tool was invented in 1492?
    The Globe
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