Art History Vocab 1.txt

  1. Cire-perdue
    Lost wax process of metal casting
  2. Cloisonne
    Enameling technique used for jewelry making
  3. Chi-Rho Monogram
    The initials in Greek of the first three letters of Christ's name, Chi-Rho-Iota
  4. Codex
    The predecessor of the modern book. A codex is made up of pages of vellum or parchment, bound together at one side with a cover
  5. Equestrian
    • Horsemen
    • Order
  6. Evangelists
    • Symbols for the authors at the four New Testament books which are narratives of the life of Christ.
    • Matthew = angel (man)
    • Mark = Lion
    • Luke = Ox
    • John = Eagle
  7. Gilded
    A coat of gold that is applied to surfaces like paintings, sculptures, and architecture
  8. Illuminated Manuscript
    An elaborately illustrated manuscript
  9. Parchment
    Paper like material made from bleached lambskin and used in illuminated manuscripts
  10. Psalter
    Illustrated book of Psalms (book in the Old Testament of the new Bible)
  11. Reliquary
    • A container for the keeping of Relics
    • (in Christianity, Relics are the body parts, clothing, or objects associated with a saint or Christ)
  12. Renovation imperii Romani
    Latin for "Renewal of the Roman Empire," as seen in the Carolingian Renaissance under Charlemagne
  13. Scriptorium
    • Monastic centers of manuscript illumination
    • it's an actual room!
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