1. hydrolase
    general term for enzymes that catalyze a hydrolytic cleavage reaction
  2. nuclease
    breaks down nucleic acids by hydrolyzing bonds between nucleotides
  3. protease
    breaks down proteins by hydrolyzing peptide bonds between amino acids
  4. synthase
    general name used for enzymes that synthesize molecules in anabolic reactions by condensing two molecules together
  5. isomerase
    catalyzes the rearrangement of bonds within a single molecule
  6. polymerase
    catalyzes polymerization reactions such as the synthesis of DNA and RNA
  7. kinase
    catalyzes the addition of phosphate groups to molecules. protein kinases are an important group of kinases that attach phosphate groups to proteins
  8. phosphatase
    catalyzes the hydrolytic removal of a phosphate group from a molecule
  9. oxido-reductase
    • general name for enzymes that catalyze reactions in which one molecule is oxidized while the other is reduced
    • Enzymes of this type are often called oxidases, reductase, or dehydrogenases
  10. ATPase
    • hydrolyzes ATP
    • Many proteins with a wide range of roles have an energy-harnessing ATPase activity as part of their function, including motor proteins such as myosin and membrane transport proteins such as the sodium-potassium pump
  11. Primary
    covalent bonds link amino acids into polypeptide chain
  12. secondary
    hydrogen bonds from alpha helix and beta sheets
  13. tertiary
    hydrogen, Van der Waals, ionic and non-polar bonds complete folding
  14. Quarternary
    interactions between protein subunits
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