1. In what city did the British plan to base their operations in their war effort.
    New York City
  2. General Howe was the selected British commander to carry out this tast. Where did he attack and was it successful?
    Attached at Long Island and won by far. More than 1400 americans were wounded or dead.
  3. Were Did Washington and the Continental Army go after this conflict and how did Washington describe his troops?
    They retreated across the Delaware River in to PA. He described troops as sick, dirty and "so thennly clad as to be unfit for service.
  4. General Cornwallis made reference to a fox when mentioning Washington. What id Washington do that was so "tricky" in his attachs on Trenton and Princeton?
    Washington left te fires burning and slipped behind the British lines to attach Princeton. There they won!
  5. What was General Burgoyne's plan to defeat the colonies? What city was targeted?
    Burgoyne wanted three armies to March on Albany from New York and crush the American forces.
  6. What two battles did the British win as Howe pushed toward Philadelphia?
    Brandywine and Germantown
  7. What battle marked the turning point in the war on Ocober 17, 1777. and for what reasons?
    Battle of Saratoga. Americans beat British. Burgoyne surrendered his army. The AMericans feel good.
  8. Describe the concitions that the Continental Army endured at Vally Forge in the winder of 1777-78
    American solders had dam drafty huts. Many suffered from the frostbite and deisease. many slpet on the frozen ground.
  9. When the Indians were forced to choose sides, to whom did they side and for what reasons.
    The Iroquois and CHerokee choose Britan so thte AMericans to pass their land. Algoquins fought with the Americans because they live in te N.P.
  10. How did the spanish contribute to the AMerican war effort?
    Secretly send the Americans supplies including cattle to feed the continental army. the spanish too over West florida, kicked out the British.
  11. What rold edi women plany in the Revolutionary war?
    They played a big fole, planting and harvesting crops to feed the army, making weapons, making shoes and wore clith for blankets and uniforms.
  12. Why did Washingotn decide to allow Afican Americans to join the Army.
    British offered freedom to servants who served the king. They did not wan the British to get them.
  13. Why did Washington decide to allow African AMericans to join the Army.
    British offered freedom to serants who served the king. They did not want the British to get them
  14. What states outlawed slavery before the end of the AMerican Revolution
    Vermont, Massachusetts. New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and others.
  15. Who was the swamp fox and describe his battle antics.
    Francis Marion. They would appear out of the swamp and then retreat into the brush. Use fake animal sounds. Very smreaky and trains his tropps in the swamp.
  16. Where was the Cormwallis defeated. What was he hoping to accoumplish by being there? What happened?
    He was defeated in Yorktown where he got cut off and was hoping to get supplies from the sea.
  17. What treaty ended the war and what are the terms of this treaty?
    The treaty of Paris ended the war which said the British agreed to recognize the US as an independent nation.
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