alex lesson 7

  1. babble
    if you babble, you say words that cannot be understood.
  2. suspicious
    if you think someone cannot be trusted, you are suspicious of him or her.
  3. accompany
    when you accompany someone, you go someplace with him or her.
  4. competent
    if you are competent, you are good at what you are doing.
  5. scent
    a scent is what something smells like
  6. wanders
    a person who wanders travels without planning where he or she is going.
  7. whined
    to give a long high cry
  8. obey
    when you obey, you do what you are told
  9. demonstrate
    when you demonstrate something you show how it works or how it is done.
  10. patrol
    people patrol an area when they go through it with the purpose of guarding it.
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