S.A.T. Words

  1. Fervent
    earnest; zealous; marked by great intensity of feeling
  2. Deride
    to ridiclue; to laugh at contemptuously
  3. Diffidence
    the quality or state of being timid; the quality or state of lacking in confidence
  4. Assiduously
    in a hardworking manner; in a busy manner
  5. Tentative
    experimental; temporary; uncertain
  6. Fervor
  7. Oblivion
    total forgetfulness; the state of being forgotten
  8. Benevolent
    generous; kind; doing good deeds
  9. Manifest
    visible, evident
  10. Reverence
    honor or respect felt or shown
  11. Belligerent
    combative; quarrelsome; waging war
  12. Sagacity
    shrewdness; wisdom; discernment
  13. Ubiquitous
    being everywhere at the same time
  14. Ardent
  15. Squalid
    marked by filthiness adn degradation from neglect or poverty
  16. Volition
    will; conscious choice
  17. Guile
    cunning; duplicity
  18. Vehernent
    intense; forceful; violent
  19. Heresy
    an opinion violently opposed to established beliefs
  20. Magnanimous
    forgiving; unresentful; noble in spirit; generous
  21. Solemn
  22. Insolent
    arrogant; insulting
  23. Precipitate
    to cause to happen abruptly
  24. Infamous
    shamefully wicked; having an extremely bad reputation; disgraceful
  25. Moroseness
    a state of gloominess;sullenness
  26. Discern
    to have insight; to see things clearly; to differentiate
  27. Novel
    new; original
  28. Consecrated
    made or declared sacred
  29. Obscurity
    quality or sate of being unknown, hard to understand or dark
  30. Complacent
    sumg; self-satisfied; pleased with oneself; contented to a fault
  31. Deter
    to prevent; to stop; to keep from doing something
  32. Pervaded
    spread throughout
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