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  1. Eclat
    Brilliancy of achievement, strong and stylish effect.
  2. Elan
    Enthusiasm or eagerness for action. A combination of style and energetic confidence, especially in performance or manner. Enthusiasm
  3. Ennui
    Weariness and discontent, a feeling of being bored and mentally tired caused by having nothing interesting or exciting to do. Tedium
  4. Esprit de corps
    Feeling of union, devotion to a group or ideas.
  5. Finesse
    Skill, great skill or style
  6. Legerdemain
    Artful trick, slyful hand, use of hands with trick
  7. Malaise
    General feeling of being ill, discomfort
  8. Noblesse oblige
    Power and influence to help others, principle that persons of high rank
  9. Rapport
    Connection, harmony, communicate well, relationship characterized by harmony.
  10. Sangfroid
    Stay calm in a dangerous or difficult situation, equanimity
  11. Savior faire
    Tact, ready knowledge of what to do or say
  12. Au courant
    Well informed, on current affairs
  13. Blasé
    Lazy, tired of pleasures, bored or not excited
  14. Chic
    Stylish and fashionable
  15. Debonair
    Courteous, gracious, charming, attractive man
  16. Maladroit
    Unskillful, clumsy, weird in movement
  17. Naive
    Willingly believe someone is telling truth, life is simple and good, artless
  18. Nonchalant
    Without concern or enthusiasm, indifferent, not intetested, NONCHALANT
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