PSY Study Questions 6

  1. On Sara's walk to campus this morning, she was thinking about what a nice day it was, how many people were already on campus, and how she had to stop by the bookstore on her way to class. Sara was experiencing

    C. waking consciousness
  2. Mariam takes 20 minutes daily to sit by herself and meditate. A fully meditative state is a form of

    A. altered consciousness
  3. Natural cycles of activity that bodies must go through are called

    A. biological rhythms.
  4. The sleep-wake cycle is controlled by the

    B. hypothalamus
  5. Delta waves begin to appear in which stage of sleep?

    C. non-REM stage three
  6. Derek was laying on the couch and had fallen asleep when all of a sudden his body jerked and he woke up because he felt like he was falling. Derek was most likely in which stage of sleep?

    D. non-REM stage one
  7. Night terrors

    B. are a state of panic experienced while asleep
  8. Theodora suffers from an inability to get to sleep, and then to stay asleep. Which of the following would help Theodora with her insomnia?
    a. spend some time in bed relaxing, reading or watching TV until she gets sleepy
    try various sleeping pills until she finds one that doesn't cause REM rebound
    go to bed and get up on a regular schedule
    watch the clock so she knows how much sleep she is actually getting
    c. go to bed and get up on a regular schedule
  9. Niles has begun to suddenly fall asleep during the day, sometimes in inappropriate places. Niles may be suffering from

    B. narcolepsy
  10. If an instructor was referring to a stream during a lecture, a student's mental image is likely to be

    C. a picture-like image
  11. The same processes occur in the brain when seeing an actual image and when creating a mental image.
    a. True
    b. False
    b. False
  12. Which of the following images is the most subordinate concept?

    B. magnolias
  13. A mechanical problem-solving technique can also be referred to as

    A. trial and error
  14. Although insight appears to be a "magical process," it most likely works because a personis unconsciously working through a problem while focusing on something else.
    a. True
    b. False
    b. False
  15. One barrier to innovative problem solving is persisting in using techniques that have been successful in the past, also known as
    a. mind set.
    confirmation bias
    mental set
    convergent thinking
    c. mental set
  16. A more creative method of problem-solving is the use of divergent thinking.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  17. Which statement is NOT true about language?
    a. Language allows people to communicate with one another
    Language is a system of combining symbols and meaning
    Most language processing takes place in the subconscious mind
    Language is an important part of the consciousness and how people think
    c. Most language processing takes place in the subconscious mind
  18. The rhythm and emphasis of communicating is part of which language structure?

    C. pragmatics
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