Biochem Test #2

  1. Which of the following coenzymes is NOT required for the activity of the pyrivate degydrogenase activity?

    B. Biotin
  2. Which of the following cellular conditions increases the oxidation of acetyl CoA by the Krebs cycle?

    B. a high NAD/NADH ratio
  3. Which of the following statements regarding control of glycolysis in liver is correct?

    B. the glycolytic enzyme that is most higly reulated is PFK-1
  4. High energy reducing equivalents in the protein, carb and lipid that we eat are usually associated with the .... atoms removed from these nutrients during metabolism

    A. hydrogen
  5. In an untreated Type 1 diabetic, glucose metabolism in resting skeletal muscle cells is limited most by:

    B. transport protein needed for glucose uptake
  6. Which of the following is a single (one) metabolic reaction?

    D. conversion of lactate to pyruvate
  7. Which of the following are products of catabolism that are used to drive anabolism?

    B. NADPH and ATP
  8. When blood glucose levels rise after a carb-containing meal, hepatocytes take up more glucose because:

    A. the activity of glucokinase increases when blood glucose levels rise
  9. In an individual facing physical danger, epinephrine acting on the liver will .... glycolysis and .... gluconeogenesis.

    C. inhibit, stimulate
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