Psychology 9

  1. Semantic Content
    The meaning of what is said.

    Ie. the bananas are on the top shelf
  2. Surface structure of a statement
    The superficial spoken or written structure of a statement
  3. Deep structure
    The underlying structure of a statement that holds its meaning.
  4. Generative
    The ability to create am infinite set of utterances using a finite set of elements and rules.

    We generate language from a set of elements and a set of rules for combing them into speech.
  5. Phonemes
    • The smallest unit of sound in a language.
    • There are 44 phonemes in the english language
    • and they make up the utterances.
  6. Morphemes
    the smallest units of meaning in a language

    ex. Word, Stand Anti-, ed, 's
  7. Syntax
    The grammatical rules of language
  8. Whorfian Hypothesis
    The impact that language has on the way people think.

    results show that our language does affect or cognition.
  9. Bee Round Dance
    Nectar is within 100 meters of the hive
  10. Tail-wagging dance
    • A Tight figure 8
    • nectar is 200- 300 meters from the hive
  11. The different kinds of concepts
    • Disjunctive
    • Conjunctive
    • complex
    • natural
    • simple
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