Even Vocab

  1. Acquiesce
    Submit or comply silently or without protest
  2. Affinity
    Natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea
  3. Ancillary
    Subordinate, subsidiary, additional
  4. Burgeon
    To grow or develop quickly
  5. Circumspect
    Watchful or discreet
  6. Corroboration
    The act of supporting with evidence
  7. Culpable
    Deserving blame
  8. Despoil
    To strip of possessions
  9. Discursive
    Passing aimlessly from one subject to another
  10. Ductile
    Capable of being hammered out thin
  11. Emaciated
    Made abnormally lean or thin by gradually wasting away of flesh
  12. Ethos
    Fundamental character or spirit of a culture
  13. Explicate
    To make plain or clear
  14. Facile
    Easily done
  15. Fatuous
    Foolish or inane, especially in an unconcious manner
  16. Gratuitous
    Obtained without charge or payment
  17. Ingrate
    An ungrateful person
  18. Inundate
    To flood
  19. Irascible
    Easily provoked to anger
  20. Lexicon
    A wordbook or dictionary
  21. Magnanimity
    The quality of being generous in forgiving an insult or injury
  22. Malapropism
    An act or habit of misusing words ridiculously
  23. Misanthrope
    Hater of humankind
  24. Modicum
    A moderate or small amount
  25. Nefarious
    Extremely wicked or villainous
  26. Paradigm
    A set of forms all of which contain a particular element
  27. Percipient
    Perceiving or capable of perceiving
  28. Posterity
    Succeeding or future generations collectively
  29. Prattle
    To talk in a foolish or simple-minded way
  30. Profuse
    Spending or giving freely and in large amount
  31. Reciprocal
    Given or felt by each toward the other
  32. Restive
    Impatient of control, restraint, or delay
  33. Revile
    To speak abusively
  34. Subjugate
    To bring under complete control
  35. Sunder
    To separate, part, divide, sever
  36. Terse
    Neatly or effectively concise
  37. Venal
    Willing to sell one's influence, especially in return for a bride
  38. Wane
    To decrease in strength, intensity
  39. Zeal
    Fervor for a person, cause or object
  40. Viable
    Capable of living
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