WG- unit 4!

  1. Kunlun Mountains
    located in West China source of Huang He (Yellow) and Chang Jiang Rivers
  2. Quinling Shandi Mountains
    located in southeastern and east central China, divides northern and southern china
  3. Huang He River
    located in north east China, is called the "yellow river", also "river of sorrows", floods annually,
  4. Xi Jiang River
    located in South China, called "West River", flows eastward through southeast China to the South China Sea
  5. typhoon
    a tropical cyclone that occurs in the western Pacific or Indian oceans
  6. Taklimakan desert
    located in western China between the Tian Shan & Kunlun Mountains,
  7. Three Gorges Dam
    built on the Yangtze river, the world's biggest dam, 607 feet high by 1.4 miles wide,
  8. Gobi Desert
    A large desert in China and Mongolia.
  9. Dynasty
    rulers from the same family
  10. Samurai
    member of the warrior class in Japanese feudal society
  11. Shogun
    the supreme military commander of Japan
  12. Pacific Rim
    a social and economic region of all the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean
  13. Mao Zedong
    the leader of the Chinese Communist Party and remained its leader until his death, founded the People's Republic of China in 1949
  14. Boxer Rebellion
    A 1900 Uprising in China aimed at ending foreign influence in the country
  15. Taoism
    a Chinese philosophy based on teachings of Lao-tzu
  16. Buddhism
    an Asian philosophy based on the teaching of Buddha, belief that a state of enlightenment can be attained by suppressing worldly desires
  17. Confucianism
    A philosophy based on the teachings Confucius, stresses a moral code of conduct
  18. Economic Tiger
    a country with rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology and aggressive exports
  19. Sweatshop
    a shop or factory where workers work long hours at low wages under unhealthy conditions
  20. Ring of Fire
    Collection of volcanoes rimming the Pacific Ocean, a ring of subduction zones
  21. Tsunami
    a giant wave caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor
  22. UNICEF
    an agency of the United Nations that offers aid and education to children and mothers in developing countries
  23. Jakota Triangle
    A zone of prosperity during the 1980's for Japan South Korea and Taiwan
  24. Pyongyang
    capital of North Korea, an industrial center
  25. Beijing
    capital of China
  26. Seoul
    the capital and largest city of South Korea
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