Mandibular Premolars

  1. the smallest premolar?
    mand. 1st premolar
  2. Occlusal shape is square; proximal shape is rhomboidal (tilted lingually)
    mand. 1st premolar and 2nd
  3. Has a prominent mesiolingual developmental groove?
    mand. 1st premolar
  4. only posterior tooth with an occlusal tilted lingually?
    1st premolar, mand.
  5. has a prominent transverse ridge without a central groove
    1st premolar, mand.
  6. mesial marginal ridge is shorter and less prominent than distal marginal ridge
    1st mand. premolar
  7. Has two cusps: Buccal (functional), lingual (nonfunctional)
    1st premolar mand.
  8. buccal cusp is larger (2/3 of occlusal surface) than the lingual
    1st premolar mand.
  9. pulp chamber is roundest of all premolars?
    1st premolar mand.
  10. root is broader facially than lingually and may have proximal concavities
    1st premolar mand.
  11. Occludes with maxillary canine and 1st molar.
    1st premolar mand.
  12. Occlusal shape is square; proximal shape is rhomboidal (tilted lingually)
    2nd premolar mandibular
  13. lingual surface is wider than that of the mandibular 1st premolar?
    2nd premolar mand.
  14. from the buccal view, it is shorter and wider than the mandibular 1st premolar?
    2nd premolar mand.
  15. Only premolar with five lobes: 3 buccal and 2 lingual
    2nd premolar mandibular
  16. Occlusal surface can have three configurations?
    YHU 2nd premolar mand.
  17. Describe Y shape?
    Y (most common) 3 cusps- buccal (nonfunctional), ML, DL with a single central pit
  18. Describe H shape?
    Two cusps- bucaal and lingual with short central groove
  19. Describe U shape?
    two cusps- buccal and lingual with crescent-shaped central groove?
  20. Buccal cusp is shorter and blunter than lingual cusps?
    2nd premolar mand.
  21. ML cusps is larger than the DL cusp?
    2nd premolar mand.
  22. Mesial marginal ridge has slight concavity?
    2nd premolar mand.
  23. root is longer than the 1st mandibular premolar?
    2nd premolar mand.
  24. root is closest to the mental foramen?
    2nd premolar mand.
  25. Occludes with max. 1st and 2nd premolar?
    2nd premolar mand.
  26. initiation of calcification mand. 1st premolar?
    1 3/4 -2 years
  27. Completion of enamel, 1st mand. premolar?
    5-6 years
  28. eruption of mand. 1st premolar?
    10-11 yrs.
  29. completion of root mand. 1st premolar?
    12-13 years
  30. Initiation of calcification 2nd premolar, mand?
    2 1/4 to 2 1/2
  31. Completion of enamel 2nd premolar, mand.?
    6 to 7 yrs
  32. Eruption of 2nd premolar, mand?
    11 to 12 years
  33. Completion of root 2nd premolar, mand?
    13 to 14 yrs
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