Sociology 101

  1. Roshomon Effect
    The phenomena that two or more people can observe the same event but see it differently
  2. Exurban Utopias
    Communities with LARGE family homes
  3. Max Weber
    Rationalization and Burealcracy
  4. Karl Marx
    Class inequaity and conflict
  5. Emile Durkheim
    Social forces affect
  6. Harriet Martineau
    British social reformer
  7. Jane Adams
    American social reformer
  8. W.E.B. Dubois
    African American who pioneered survey work in the U.S.
  9. What are some contemporary careers in sociology ?
    Journalists, demographers, counselors, social services, survey researchers, etc to name a few
  10. Ascribed Status
    Determined at birth
  11. Achieved status
    Aquired through the individual's own effort
  12. Master Status
    Dominates all of a person's other status'
  13. Role
    Behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status
  14. Max Weber's Theory of Social Stratification
    • Includes class, status and power
    • Social prestiage (status) important aspect of theory
  15. Core States
    Europe, US, Japan (Richer countries)
  16. Semiperipheral areas
    Mexico, Brazil (Middle class)
  17. Peripheral areas
    Africa, Asia, Haiti (Poor areas)
  18. How has globalization affected us today in the U.S. ?
    • A process is building connections between the othe regions of the world.
    • Ex. Food, fashion, music, animae, etc
  19. What are Social Institutional Apparatuses ?
    A complex social structure embedded with power and economic relations.
  20. What is happening to our economy ?
    Ours is shrinking while other economies are growing/expanding
  21. Capitalism
    Selling things to others

    • Ex. "Kidneys for Sale" story
    • Ebay
  22. What is Economy ?
    Those organizations and processes through which good and services are produced (dentists), distrubted, and consumed.
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