Reading Foundation

  1. Phonological Awareness
    Oral langauge is compuse of smaller units, such as spoken words and syllables, spoken; letters and sound match
  2. Phonemic Awarness
    Ability to separate phonems (sounds) in a spoken word or words, sounds only
  3. Phoneme
    Smallest unit of sound, may be represented as a letter or group of letters; Examples: /d/, /f/, /oi/, /ow/, /eigh/
  4. Grapheme
    Unit of writing that represtnst a single phoneme, can be a letter or a group of letters
  5. Onset
    A word's initial consonant or consonant blend
  6. Rime
    A word's vowel and any final consonants
  7. Consonant cluster
    A group or sequence of consonants that appear together in a syllable without a vowel between them
  8. Constonant diagraph
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