1. Lock in profit
    Chốt lời
  2. havoc
    • havoc BrE / ˈhævək / NAmE / ˈhævək /
    • noun  
    • [ uncountable ] a situation in which there is a lot of damage, destruction or confusion
    • The floods caused havoc throughout the area.
    • Continuing strikes are beginning to play havoc with the national economy.
    • These insects can wreak havoc on crops.
  3. perform
    • per • form BrE / pəˈfɔːm / NAmE / pərˈfɔːrm /
    • 1 [ transitive ] ~ sth to do sth, such as a piece of work, task or duty
    • Syn :carry out
    • to perform an experiment/a miracle/a ceremony
    • She performs an important role in our organization.
    • This operation has never been performed in this country.
    • 2 [ transitive ,  intransitive ] ~ (sth) to entertain an audience by playing a piece of music, acting in a play, etc
    • to perform somersaults/magic tricks
    • The play was first performed in 2007.
    • I'd like to hear it performed live. to perform on the flute
    • I'm looking forward to seeing you perform.
    • 3 [ intransitive ] ~ (well/badly/poorly) to work or function well or badly
    • The engine seems to be performing well.
    • The company has been performing poorly over the past year.
    • If Rooney performs (= performs well) then I believe England can win.
    • She performed less well in the second test. see work/perform miracles at miracle
  4. Grim
    • grim BrE / ɡrɪm / NAmE / ɡrɪm / adjective  
    • 1 looking or sounding very serious
    • a grim face/look/smile
    • She looked grim. with a look of grim determination on his face
    • 2 unpleasant and depressing
    • grim news
    • We face the grim prospect of still higher unemployment.
    • Despite the grim forecast, the number of deaths was slightly down on last year.
    • 3 ( of a place or building ) not attractive; depressing
    • The house looked grim and dreary in the rain. the grim walls of the prison
    • 4 [ not before noun ] ( BrE , informal ) ill/sick I feel grim this morning.
    • 5 [ not usually before noun ] ( BrE , informal ) of very low quality
    • Their performance was fairly grim, I'm afraid! grim • ly / BrE ɡrɪmli ;
  5. Wear out
    • Meaning: Use something until it stops working
    • Example: She played the video so many times that she WORE the tape OUT.
  6. wear away
    • Meaning: Erode, remove gradually
    • Example: The lawn has been WORN AWAY by people walking across it and it's just bare soil now with hardly a blade of grass.
  7. wear down
    • Meaning: Make something weaker
    • Example: The stress of my job is WEARING me DOWN
  8. Wear off
    • Meaning: Stop having an effect
    • Example: The anaesthetic WORE OFF and my tooth started hurting
  9. Keep up with
    • Meaning: Move at the same rate
    • Example: He walks too fast and it's really hard to KEEP UP WITH him.
    • ------------------------
    • Meaning: Stay up to date
    • Example: It's hard to KEEP UP WITH all the latest improvements and breakthroughs in technology nowadays.
  10. Keep up at
    • Meaning: Continue, not quit
    • Example: Learning a language is difficult, but if you KEEP UP AT it, you'll succeed in the end.
  11. Keep up
    • Meaning: Not let someone go to bed
    • Example: My neighbours KEPT me UP till after 4 am with their loud music last night.
    • -------------------
    • Meaning: Maintain a continuous action, persistExample: First I phoned you and left a message that you should phone me; then you phoned and I was out, so you left a message; then...! How long can we KEEP this UP without ever speaking to each other directly?
  12. Keep to
    • Meaning: Stay within limits
    • Example: Please KEEP TO the path.
  13. Keep out
    • Meaning: Not allow someone to enter
    • Example: The police KEPT the demonstrators OUT of the building.
  14. Keep on
    • Meaning: Continue
    • Example: He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end.
  15. Keep off
    • Meaning: Not talk about
    • Example: She KEPT OFF the subject of her divorce.
    • =============
    • Meaning: Not tread on something
    • Example: KEEP OFF the grass in the park, please.
  16. Ramification
    • ram • ifi • ca • tion BrE / ˌræmɪfɪˈkeɪʃn / NAmE / ˌræmɪfɪˈkeɪʃn / noun  
    • [ usually plural ] one of the large number of complicated and unexpected results that follow an action or a decision complication
    • These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications.
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