1. Kanban
    Having the ability to change priority for storise being delivered for a sprint. When a story is completed in the backlog - it can be pulled into the sprint and shifted priority over a story that is not completed.
  2. Agile Sprint
    Working with the team to determine a set of stories to complete for each sprint and to deliver.
  3. Business Systems Analysist
    Responsible for eliciting and documenting requirements and interfacing between business units and technology. Create and manage backlog stories, buid functional prototypes and assist Sprint teams delivering functionality. Responsible for prioritization and high-level requirements
  4. Deposit Systems
    Provide support for Mobile Apps. Moved to Kanban
  5. Communication Infrastructure
    Responsible for the design, implementation, maintenance, and support of ING Direct's voice, data network and security.
  6. Server Infrastructure
    To manage, maintain, architect and support QA and development environments, Wintel and UNIX servers. Microsoft Windows, Remote Access, Mobile Devices.
  7. Security
    Provides support of technical and security services to business and other infrastructure teams. Customer security on our website.
  8. Database Services
    Provides support for database processes, analytical and risk applications across all platforms. SQL and Oracle.
  9. Application Services
    Responsible for supporting applications in the production environment. Website - My Loan Status, Loan App and Broker POS.
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