Nursing Licensure

  1. What is the Board of Nurse Examiners(BNE) responsible for?
    • design and administer exams
    • issue license to those who passed exams
    • exams intended to assure public that a nurse with a license had met minimum standard for safe patient care
  2. What did the first exam from the BNE take place?
    May24th, 1904 in NC
  3. Today's boards are empowered to supervise nursing:
    • disicipline
    • licensure
    • education
    • practice
    • describe what activities can be delegated but overseen by the nurse
  4. Advanced Practice Nurses(APN) have functioned in the US for more than a century. What was the first APN? and what are the others?
    • 1st -Certified Nurse Anesthetist
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Clinical Nurse Specialists
    • Nurse Midwife
  5. Board of Nursing regulates the licensure of nurses trained outside the US. Exam for foreign nurse graduates include 3 sections. What are they?
    • Validate nurse credentials
    • Test knowledge base
    • Test English language proficiency
  6. The board of nursing is responsible to investigate complaints in regards to potential violation of the Nurse Practice Act. Board can initiate charges against the nurse and make them:
    • voluntary surrender of license
    • settlement conference
    • hearing before board
    • board can issue reprimand
    • require nurs to take remedial courses
    • restricted license
    • psychological evaluation
  7. When was the first National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX)?
  8. The NCLEX is designed to show:
    • safety
    • effective care
    • physiological integrity
    • psychosocial integrity
    • health promotion
    • health maintainence
  9. Responsibilites of the RN include (butnot limited to)
    • assessing health conditions
    • deriving a nursing diagnosis
    • executing a nursing regimen
    • advocating the provision of health care
    • delegating tasks
    • performing acts which are approved by the board
    • executing regiments delegated by a physician
    • teaching, administering, supervising, delegating, and evaluating nursing practice
  10. Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for professional nursing practice by the Amerian Association of Colleges of Nursing stresses 3 roles:
    • provider of care
    • designer/manager/coordinator of care
    • member of a profession
  11. What are the 4 core competencies?
    • critical thinking
    • communication
    • assessment
    • technical skills
  12. Dr. Mildred Montag proposed ADN and diploma prepared nurses fimctopm as am adjunct to help BSN nurses care for patients. The BSN role should be:
    • clinical leadership and delegation
    • outcomes management
    • evidence-based practice
    • fiscal responsibility
  13. US military uses education & not licensure as the basis for professional practice-
    • BSN - commissioned officer
    • ASN & Diploma - enlisted personnel
  14. Where was the 1st masters degree in nursing at?
    Teachers College at Columbia initially prepared teachers and administrators
  15. What are the percentages of each individual ADNs?
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist 12
    • Nurse Practitioner 67
    • Certified Nurse Anesthetist 5
    • Certified Nurse Midwife 4
    • Clinical Nurse Leader ? (New)
    • Teaching and Administration 11
  16. What are the challenges of the 21st century?
    • prevention of disease
    • health promotion
    • chronicity
    • aging
    • problems and illnesses resulting from socioeconmica dislocations
    • global migration
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