medical terminology

  1. cancerous
    pertaining to cancer
  2. carcinogen
    substance that causes cancer
  3. carcinogenic
    producing cancer
  4. cyanosis
    abnormal condition of blue (bluish discoloration of the skin caused by inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood)
  5. diagnosis (Dx)
    state of complete knowledge (identifying a disease)
  6. etiology
    study of causes (of diseases)
  7. iatrogenic
    produced by a physician (the unexpected results from a treatment prescribed by a physician)
  8. iatrology
    study of medicine
  9. metastasis (mets)
    (pl. metastases)
    beyond control (transfer of disease fom one organ to another, as in the transfer of malignant tumor)
  10. neopathy
    new disease
  11. oncogenic
    causing tumors
  12. oncologist
    a physician who studies and treats tumors
  13. oncology
    study of tumors (a branch of medicine concerned with the study of malignant tumors)
  14. pathogenic
    producing disease
  15. pathologist
    p physician who studies diseases (examiner biopsies and performs autopsies to determine the cause of disease or death)
  16. pathology
    study of disease (a branch of medicine dealing with the study of the causes of disease and death)
  17. prognosis (Px)
    state of before knowledge (prediction of the outcome of disease)
  18. xanthochromic
    pertaining to yellow color
  19. xanthosis
    abnormal condition of yellow (discoloration)
  20. benign
    not malignant, nonrecurrent, favorable for recovery
  21. carcinoma in situ
    cancer in the early stage before invading surrounding tissue
  22. encapsulated
    enclosed in a capsule, as with benign
  23. exacerbation
    increase in the severity of a disease or its symptoms
  24. idiopathic
    pertaining to disease of unknown origin
  25. inflammitation
    response to injury or destruction of tissue characterized by redness, swelling, heat, and pain
  26. in vitro
    within a glass, observation within a test tube
  27. in vivo
    within the living body
  28. malignant
    tending to become progressively worse and cause death, as in cancer
  29. radiation therapy (XRT)
    treatment of cancer with a radioactive substance, x-ray, or radiation
  30. remission
    improvement or absence of signs of disease
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