1. not to be a patch on
    to be much inferior to
  2. to be at odds with
    • two things:to be different
    • two people: not to agree
  3. to be every bit/just as+adj+as
    to be equally
  4. to be in a league of one's own
    to be much better than the other people of the same activity
  5. to much the same as
    there is not much difference between
  6. sth/sb was more of a+noun than a+noun
    sth/sb was not so much a+noun as a+noun
    • used to contradict sth because you are exaggerating
    • used to highlight the fact tha sh/sb was not what you expected
  7. to be nothing like as+adj+as
    to be much inferior to
  8. to be on a different wavelength
    to have very different ideas
  9. to be streets ahead of
    to be head and shoulders above
    to be much better than
  10. to bear a (striking) resemblance to
    to be very similar in appearence or character
  11. to pale in comparison (to sth)
    seem small and unimportant compared to sth else
  12. there is a world of difference between
    there is a very big difference
  13. to think/say/do otherwise
    different from what has already been mentioned
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