Medical Terminology

  1. cytogenic
    producing cells
  2. cytoid
    resembling a cell
  3. cytology
    study of cells
  4. cytoplasm
    cell substance
  5. dysplasia
    abnormal development
  6. epithelial
    pertaining to epithelium
  7. erythrocyte (RBC)
    red (blood) cell
  8. erythrocytosis
    increase in the number of red (blood) cells
  9. histology
    study of tissue
  10. hyperplasia
    excessive development (number of cells)
  11. hypoplasia
    incomplete development (of and organ or tissue)
  12. karyocyte
    cell with a nucleus
  13. karyoplasm
    substance of a nucleus
  14. leukocyte
    white (blood) cell
  15. leukocytosis
    increase in the number of white (blood) cells
  16. lipoid
    resembling fat
  17. myopathy
    disease of the muscle
  18. neuroid
    resembling a nerve
  19. somatic
    pertaining to the body
  20. somatogenic
    originating in the body (organic as opposed to psychologic)
  21. somatopathy
    disease of the body
  22. somatoplasm
    body substance
  23. systemic
    pertaining to a (body) system (or the body as a whole)
  24. visceral
    pertaining to the internal organs
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