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  1. In what years did the Era of Good Felling last.
  2. Who would re-organize and increase the size of the U.S. military?
    Madison and Monroe
  3. When did the National Bank's charter elapse?
  4. In what year did did Madison sign a bill authorizing the creation of a new bank
  5. In what year did James Monroe get elected?
  6. What was Monroes most lasting accomplishment?
    Monroe Doctorine
  7. What was the Holy Aliance?
    most of the old monarchies of Europe except Englan.
  8. What was the goal of the Holy Aliance?
    restore the pre-Napoleonic world order
  9. Who was the Secretary of state while monroe was president?
    John Quincy Adams
  10. In what year did Monroe deliver the Monroe doctorine?
  11. What did the Monroe Doctorine say?
    The U.S. would not interfere in European politics. But the Western Hemisphere was not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European power.
  12. In what year did the different sections of the U.S. start showing differences?
  13. What was the Northeast turning to and what inventions made this possible?
    large-scale manufacturing, spinning machine and interchangable parts
  14. what was the south turning to and what in ventions made this possible?
    large-scale plantation type agriculture, eli whitney's cotton gin
  15. what was the west turning to
    small farming and selling there surplus goods to feed the factory workers
  16. how did the west want the government to sell the land it owned and why?
    small tracks of land at low prices to encourage settlement
  17. how did the south want the government to sell the land it owned and why?
    they wanted them to sell it in large tracts to ecourage plantation type agriculture
  18. how did the north want the government to sell the land it owned and why?
    factory workers sided with the west while factory owners sided with the south
  19. in 1780 how many acres did the government sell at a time?
  20. In 1820 how many acres did the government sell at a time
  21. what caused hardships for farmers in the south and west?
    the depression of 1819 and the national banks tight credit policy
  22. who was in favor of high tariffs and why?
    north because it would protect their manufactored goods
  23. who opposed high tarriffs?
    the south
  24. who favored a government funded internal imprvement plan that would allow residents to ship thier goods faster?
    the north and west
  25. why did the south not want a government plan to pay for internal improvent?
    they didnt want the north and west more closely linked.
  26. what years was the tarriff raised?
    1824 and 1828
  27. who passed a bill for internal improvement and who vetoed it?
    Congress passed it and president monroe vetoed it on grounds it was unconstitutional.
  28. list two examples of how many states built their own internal improvement in the north and west
    • new yourk building the erie canal linking the Great Lakes to the Hudson River
    • and
    • Ohio building the Ohio-baltimore railroad
  29. in what year did the missouri territory petition for statehood?
  30. in 1818 how many free/slave states were there?
    • 11 free
    • 11 slave
  31. what did congressman Tallmadge amendment to missouris petition say?
    it would prohibit the further introduction of slaver and would free any slave in missouri after they reached the age of 25
  32. who offered up a compromise to the missouri statehood petition?
    henry clay
  33. what did the missouri compromise say?
    • missouri would enter as a slave state
    • maine would enter as a free state
    • in exchange for no slavery in missouri, south agrees that slavery would be prohibited in the future above the 36-30 line.
  34. what three canadites competed in the election of 1824?
    • andrew jackson
    • John Quincy Adams
    • William Crawford (had a stroke during the election)
    • Henry Clay
  35. Who was elected president and why?
    John Quincy adams and because henry clay put his support behind him.
  36. Who did Adams make secretary of state?
    Henry Clay
  37. What did Jackson have to say bout the election?
    "a currupt bargain had been made to keep him from presidency"
  38. What kind of leader was Adams?
    an inept leader
  39. What was the most controversial aspect of Adams presidency?
    the raising of the tariff in 1828
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