Old Testament Test 2

  1. What is the Theme of the O.T.?
    God made a covanent with his people
  2. Two Types of covenants: Unilateral and Bilateral, define both.
    • Uni-One sided promise
    • Bi-Both parties make an agreement
  3. Define Covenant:
    an agreement; in this case between God and man in which God pledges to bless those who accpet and commit themselves to him
  4. 1st covenant: who, what type and what form?
    Noah and the flood; Unilateral; Rainbow
  5. Formula of a covenant: 3 parts:
    • -"I shall be your God
    • -You shall be my people
    • -I will dwell in the midst of you."
  6. Name/meaning- Abram
    exhaulted father
  7. Name/meaning- Abraham
    Father of many
  8. Name/meaning- Isaac
    Hebrew for "to laugh"
  9. Name/meaning- Jacob
    Grasp the heel; twin of Esaw
  10. Name/meaning- Joseph
    God does multiply
  11. Monotheism-
    Belief in one God
  12. Monolotry v. Monotheism-
    Monolotry does not deny existence of other Gods but only worships one
  13. List the call of Abram:
    • -be the father of a great nation
    • -be blessed
    • -be well known
    • -be a blessing to others
    • -God would bless those who blessed Abram
    • -God would curse those who cursed Abram
    • -Abram would become a channel of blessing to people of all nations
  14. Built the first alter to God:
  15. Definition: Melcizekdek-
    - "my king is rightousness"
  16. Definition: El Elyon-
    - The almighty God
  17. Explain, Justification by faith-
    Declaration that the person has been restored to a state of righteousness on the basis of belief and trust of Christ rather than on one's own accomplishments
  18. Definition: Righteousness-
    - Express a dynamic relationship between God and person that makes the person acceptable to God
  19. Abram's two greatest mistakes-
    • 1.You're my sister
    • 2.Human effort to realize God's promise
  20. Name/meaning: Ishmael
    -God hears
  21. Changed Abram to Abraham-
  22. List the characteristics of God's covenant with Abraham:
    • -God's grace established the covenant
    • -The stipulations of the covenant vary
    • -God gave signs of the covanent
    • -God's covenant provided blessings
    • -God's covenant is everlasting
  23. The blessings God's covenant provided:
    • -Descendants
    • -Property
    • -Long life
  24. Name/meaning- Sarai-Sarah
    -meaning princess; become mother of a great nation
  25. Climax of Abrahams life:
    -Genisis 22
  26. List lessons learned from Abraham's test:
    • -Corrects the popular misconception that Christian life is a "bed of roses"
    • -Life's dearest possession can sometimes be our greatest temptation to be unfaithful
    • -God's richest blessings are reserved for those who are totally at his disposal
  27. Another characteristic of God meaning- He provided
  28. Explain: Birth right-
    -better position in the family; generally 1st born son; new leader
  29. Explain: Birth blessing-
    Generally 1st born son; given to become a better man
  30. Jacob's Irony:
    Jacob was decieved by his step father, just as he decieved his father
  31. Meaning: Bethel
    -House of God
  32. Genesis 26:25
    Isaac built an altar there and called on the name of the LORD. There he pitched his tent, and there his servants dug a well.
  33. Jacob repents: (about brother) 4 ways
    • -recognizes sin
    • -spontaneous prayer
    • -confesses unworthiness
    • -sincere prayers of deliverance
  34. Meaning: Isreal-
    -Prince of God
  35. Meanings of dreams in Old Testament:
    Mode of revelation
  36. Josephs Dream 1:
    Binding grain together in field gathering shives; he stood up tall and the others bow down to his shives.

    Others would soon by down to him
  37. Josephs Dream 2:
    Sun, moon and 11 stars were bowing down to him

    Stars-brothers, Sun-father, Moon-mother

    all would bow down to him
  38. Wanted to sell Joseph to Ishmaelites; mimicked death by dipping his robe and told there father he was killed by an animal
  39. Three sons of Juda and Tamar, which two were eliminated
    Er, Onan, Shelah

    Er and Onan were evil in the eyes of God; eliminated
  40. Judah's three items of importance:
    • -seal
    • -cord
    • -staff

    (to sleep with Tamar)
  41. Implication of "she is more righteous than eye"
    Tamar continued committment to the family
  42. Leading clan in Judah and ancestor of David:
  43. Genesis 39: 2-3
    The LORD was with Joseph, so he became a successful man. And he was in the house of his master, the Egyptian. Now his master saw that the LORD was with him and how the LORD caused all that he did to prosper in his hand.
  44. Chief cup bearer's dream:
    Vine with 3 branches; squeezed grapes into kings cup

    interpretation- 3 branches=3 days. In 3 days he would be released from prison and return to his position under the pharoh.
  45. Baker's dream:
    3 baskets of bread on head; birds eating out of them.

    3 baskets= 3 days; Pharoh will take him and hang him, the birds will eat his flesh
  46. Pharaoh's dream:
    Dream occurred twice to firmly decide by God

    Dream: Standing at the Nile river. 7 fat cows walk out of the river, followed by 7 scrawny cows. The 7 scrawny at the 7 fat.

    God's interpretation: 7 years of abundance followed by 7 years of famine
  47. Genesis 41:38
    "Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God ?"
  48. Joseph's new role as leader was shown by:
    • -Signet ring
    • -Robe
    • -Gold chain
  49. Genesis 41: 51
    "God has made me forget all my troubles and everyone in my father's family."
  50. Genesis 41:52
    "God has made me fruitful in this land of my grief."
  51. Joseph's brothers go to Egypt
    The bowing dreams come true
  52. Joseph's families second journey to egypt:
    Judah reveals himself, and whole family bows down
  53. Genesis 50:20
    You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.
  54. List lessons concerning Joseph's life:
    • -Temptation comes to the best people.
    • -Coping with temptation requires advanced preperation
    • -We must want to resist temptation
    • -Resisting does not always provide happy results
  55. Meaning of Exodus:
    • Greek-exit or departure
    • Jewish-a going out
  56. Authorship of Exodus
    - Moses witnesses all the incidents
  57. List the themes of Exodus:
    • -Sinai Covenant
    • -Presence of Yahweh
    • -Lordship of Yahweh
  58. Purpose of Exodus:
    Yahweh is a covenant keeping God
  59. Names of God- El
    Canaanites chief of many Gods
  60. Names of God- El Elyon
    God most high
  61. Names of God- El Shaddai
    God almighty
  62. Names of God- Elohim (3)
    • -The creator
    • -God of all Gods
    • -The transcendent one
  63. Names of God- Adoni (lord)
    reference to one true God, Lord of Lords
  64. Names of God- Yahweh
    I am; I am who I am; Living God
  65. Moses excuses: (5)
    • -Not worthy
    • -Uneducated about God
    • -No one will believe me
    • -Can't public speak
    • -Send someone else
  66. God reveals himself to Moses at this place:
    Mount Horeb-Mount Sinai
  67. Names/Meanings of the names of the 12 sons:
    • 1-Rueben-See, a son
    • 2-Simeon-Hearing
    • 3-Levi-Joined
    • 4-Judah-Yah be praised
    • 5-Dan-Judge
    • 6-Naphtali-My wrestling
    • 7-Gad-Troop
    • 8-Asher-Happy
    • 9-Issachar-Man of hire
    • 10-Zebulun-Dweller
    • 11-Joseph-Increaser
    • 12-Benjamin-Son of the right hand
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