Chapter 5

  1. What is the philosophy of right and wrong, moral duties and professional behavior
  2. What is morality
    code of conduct defined by society, religion or person affecting character, conduct, conscience
  3. Does morality = ethics
    NO - morality is what you think and ehtics are the foundations for the actions you take
  4. What is bioethics
    ethics related to medical
  5. What are the components of the EMT pledge
    • - conserve life
    • - provide service based on need without bias of race, creed, nationality, status
    • - do no harm to public
    • - patient confidentiality
    • - uphold laws
    • - maintain competence of self and others
    • - keep up w/ education of self and others
    • - participate in studies
    • - adhere to personal ethics
    • - contribute to research of products/services
    • - be professional
    • - do not hand patient care to less qualified person
    • - work well with healthcare team
    • - do not participate in unethical situations and report these
  6. What is patient autonomy
    the patient has the right to determine thier own care as well end of life care
  7. surrogate decision maker is
    A person who makes a healthcare decision for another and carries the power of attorney
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