Unit-9 Exercise/Activity

  1. Assesment of exercise/activity
    • Posture
    • Body machanics
    • Body positions
    • Factors affecting mobility
    • Activity tolerance
    • Life span
  2. Assessment of body alignment
    • may need support devices
    • Trochanter roll (Rolled sheet/towel
    • Pillow
    • Spilnts
    • Foam supports/boots (Spenco
  3. Body mechanics
    • When the body is well aligned, balance is achieved with the least amount of strain on the musculoskeletal system.
    • The broader the base of support+the lower the center of gravity=the greater the stability
  4. When lifting use
    • use wide base of support
    • keep object/peson close to your center of gravity
    • Keep both knees and hips bent
    • Do not bend at the waist
    • Roll, pull, push
  5. Nursing dx for activity/exercise
    • Risk for disuse syndrom
    • Impaired physical mobility
    • Activity Intolerance
  6. Fluid balance
    increase fluid untake to >2000ml per day
  7. Oxygenation -respiration
    • Check positioning
    • Increase activity
    • Cough and deep breathing
  8. Oxygenation-circulation
    • Leg exercise
    • TED's, SCD's
    • early ambulation
    • no valsalva maneruver- pushing yourself out of bed
  9. Nutrition
    • Increase protein and calcium
    • Use nutritionally dense food
  10. Elimination-urination
    • increase fluids, especially cranberry juice
    • increase activity
  11. Elimication-intestinal
    • increase fiber, fluids & prue juice
    • increase exercise and activity
  12. Sensory/nu=eurological function
    • repositioning, weight bearing, ROM, and ADL's
    • provide sensory stimulation and activities
  13. Developmental support
    support age specific needs
  14. Meaningful communication
    provide opportunities for verbal contact
  15. Acceptance of health dependency
    promote socialization, good body image, education materials
  16. Intamacy
    encourage visits & social contacts
  17. Spiritual
    Provide privacy, special requests, chaplin visits
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