World Religions Mid

  1. What are two characteristics of Primal Religions
    • Oral
    • Tribal
  2. Define The Dreaming
    • The stable backdrop for time
    • The endless spiritual cycle.
  3. Define Everywhen
    At any or all times
  4. Define Totem
    An animal that guards a tribe and in return, that tribe respects it.
  5. What is Yoga?
    Training that leads to integration or union
  6. What are the four types of yoga ?
    • Raja
    • Bhakti
    • Karma
    • Jnana
  7. What is Raja Yoga
    • Psycho Physical
    • "The Royal Rad to Reintegration"
  8. What is Bhakti Yoga
    • Way to God Though Love
    • To direct towards God the love that lies at the base of every heart
  9. What is Karma Yoga
    • Way to God Through Work
    • Working in ways that will bring one closer to God
  10. What is Jnana Yoga
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World Religions Mid
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