Quiz 2

  1. Vision Statement?
    Alpha Kappa Psi is recognized as the premier developer of principled business leaders.
  2. Core Values?
    • Brotherhood
    • Knowledge
    • Integrity
    • Service
    • Unity
  3. Guiding Principals?
    • Building Brotherhood
    • Lifelong Learning
    • High Ethical Standards
    • Improving Communities
    • Enhancing the Fraternity for life
  4. What constitutes a quorum at a meeting?
    50% + 1
  5. A motion must pass with _____ of the votes?
  6. At any time, a voter may request what in order to understand the matter at hand?
    "Point of Information"
  7. What are the main objects on the fraternity's coat of arms?
    • Coin bag
    • Pair of balances
    • Phoenician Galley
    • Four link chain
  8. Tag Line?
    Alpha Kappa Psi-Shaping People, Shaping Business
  9. What must a motion receive in order to be voted on?
    A second
  10. What is the minimum number of meetings during the academic year that must be held?
    2 per month
  11. Creed?
    • Alpha Kappa Psi recognizes that,
    • We live in deeds not years,
    • In thought, not breath,
    • In service, not in figures on the dial.

    • We count time by heart throbs,
    • When they beat for God, for man, for duty.
    • He lives most who thinks most,
    • Is noblest, acts the best.
  12. In what region does the local chapter belong?
    North Central
  13. What are the chapters in the region?
    • Creighton University
    • Drake University
    • Iowa State University
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Nebraska
    • North Dakota State University
  14. What does ACR stand for?
    Annual Chapter Report
  15. What is the purpose of ACR?
    It is the chapter's planning tool, performance measurement tool, and recognition program. It can also be used to compare the depth and quality of a chapter's programming to prior years or to similar chapters.
  16. What are principled business leadership institutes (PBLI)?
    Yearly weekend long sessions, held within various regions, that focus on professional and personal development, chapter management, business etiquette, and team leadership. Region meetings are also held during the weekend.
  17. When are PBLI's held?
    Yearly, in February
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