1. almorzar
    to have lunch
  2. andar en motocicleta
    to ride a motorcycle
  3. andar en velero
    to go sailing
  4. caminar
    to walk
  5. charlar
    to chat
  6. coser
    to sew
  7. dar una fiesta
    to give a party
  8. dar un paseo
    to go for a walk
  9. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  10. descansar
    to rest
  11. escribir
    to write
  12. escribir cartas
    to write letters
  13. estudiar
    to study
  14. ir a
    to be going to
  15. voy a
    I am going to
  16. va a
    he/she is going to
  17. jugar al boliche
    to bowl
  18. lavar
    to wash
  19. lavar el carro
    to wash the car
  20. levantar pesas
    to lift weights
  21. limpiar
    to clean
  22. merendar
    to have a picnic
  23. montar a caballo
    to ride a horse
  24. pasar tiempo
    to spend time
  25. pasear en barca
    to go for a boat ride
  26. preferir
    to prefir
  27. prefiero
    I prefer
  28. prefiere
    you prefer, he/she prefers
  29. recibir
    to receive
  30. recibir visitas
    to have company
  31. reparar
    to fix
  32. tomar
    to take
  33. tomar una siesta
    to take a nap
  34. tomar café to drink coffee
  35. tomar té
    to drink tea
  36. volar una cometa
    to fly a kite
  37. chatear
    chat (on comp)
  38. invitar
    to invite
  39. surfear
    to surf
  40. textear
    to text
  41. visitar
    to visit
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