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  1. Weight that females reach menstration.
    48 kg
  2. Avg age of menopaus
  3. Premature menopause
    Before 30
  4. Early menopause
  5. Delayed menopause
    After 58
  6. Premature menopause....normal or abnormal?
  7. Delayed menopause, normal or abnormal?
  8. Reasons for premature and delayed menopause
    • Endocrine disorders
    • gynecologic disorders
    • genetic predisposition
  9. Surgical menopause
    women who have their ovaries removed...sudden onset with many sx
  10. Perimenopausal sx
    • Hot flashes
    • Vaginal dryness
    • Irregular periods
    • Decreased appetite
    • Decreased libido
    • Fatigue
    • Mild Incondtinence
    • Difficulty sleeping
  11. Recommended time on estrogen-containing HRT
    Not more than 5 years
  12. Estrogen containing HRT increased risk of
    • Heart attack
    • CVA
    • Breast cancer
  13. If perimenopausal sx continue despite using HRT...
    Consider change in dosage or medications
  14. Vaginal discharge
    May be normal or sign of vaginal infection (especially STDs)
  15. Pain of vulva, vagina, uterus, cervix or ovaries can indicate what?
  16. Itching can indicate what?
    Infection or infestation
  17. Atrophic vaginitis
    Dryness, itching, burning, soreness, pressure, white discharge, painful sexual intercourse, bleeding after intercourse.
  18. Lumps, swelling or masses in genital area
    Possible infection, lympedema, cancer
  19. Urinary hesitancy
    Signs of what?
    UTI or STD
  20. Urgency can indicate what?
  21. Stress incontinence occurs with what?
    Increased intraabdominal pressure
  22. Stress incontinence more common among?
    Older women
  23. Why is stress incontinence is more common in older women?
    • Muscle weakness
    • Decreased urethral elasticity
  24. Why are pelvic exams done?
    To identify masses, pain or organ enlargement
  25. Paps are performed why?
    To identify cervical cancer
  26. Age of first pap?
  27. HPV prior to 21
    Usually clears from the body and doesn't cause cervical cancer
  28. 21 to 30, how often between paps?
    2 years
  29. Low risk women with 3 years 3 consecutive negative pap tests
    Paps q3years
  30. HIV + immunocompromised have a hx of very abnormal paps requireing tx or exposed to DES in utero may need what?
    More frequent paps
  31. Cervical + hystorectomy due to cancer
    Paps until age 65 or 70, discontinues after 3 consecutive normal paps
  32. HIV screening should be done anually for all negative HIV women after the onset of...
    sexual activity
  33. STD Testing for acitve adolescents
    Gonorrhea and chlamydia
  34. Sexually active 21-24 std testing
    chlamydia and gonorrhea
  35. 24-64 sex active
    as indicated by hs and sx or client request
  36. STD's increase risk for
    • pelvic inflammatory disease
    • Infertility
    • Ectopic pregnancy
  37. hx of reproductive tract cancer
    some cancers have a familial compenent
  38. wmoke and estrogen increase risk for
    stroke and heart attack
  39. stroke and heart attack increases in risk after what age?
  40. HPV + smoking have higher risk for developing
    cervical neoplasia/cancer
  41. Assymetric labia may indicate
  42. how to palpate bartholins glands
    • index finger in introitus and your thumb on labia minora
    • milk
    • Normal" Glands soft, non tender free of drainage
  43. dorsal side of of penis
    2 corpora cavernosa
  44. Ventral side of penis
    Corpus spongiosum
  45. Base of glans
  46. prepuce
  47. Consists of rugae and cremaster msucle
  48. scrotal sac separated into two sections by
    a septum
  49. Each testicle is coverede by the
    tunica bvaginalsi
  50. tnica vaginalis
    separates testical efrom scrotal wall
  51. where are the seminiferous tubles located?
    Within the lobules
  52. Where does sperm production occur?
    Within the seminiferous tubules
  53. Spermatic cord contains what?
    • Blood vessels
    • Lymphatic Vessels
    • nerves
    • Vas deferens
  54. Transports spermatozoa from testicle
    Vas deferens
  55. Where spermatozoa mature
    Vas deferens
  56. Muscular tube that is continuous with lower portion of epididymis
    Vas deferens
  57. Travels up within the spermaticcord through the inguinal canal and into the abdominal cavity
    Vas deferens
  58. Separates from spermatic cord and travels behing the bladder
    Vas deferens
  59. Joins with the duct of the seminal vesicle and forms the ejaculatory duct
    Vas deferens
  60. Provides passage for transporting sperm from testes to urethra for ejaculation
    Vas deferens
  61. How is semen formed?
    • Secretions from vas deferens
    • Seminal vesicles
    • Prostate gland
    • Cowper' glands
  62. scrotal enlargement may indicate
    • hydrocele
    • meatocele
    • hernia
    • cancer
    • age
  63. Feeling of scrotal heaviness
    • scrotal hernai
    • Testicular tumor
  64. Nocturia may be caused by what?
    • Prostate problems or
    • excess fluid intake
  65. Change in color, odor or amount may indicate
    • Infection
    • BPH
    • Cancer
  66. Hematuruia
    referred for Dr
  67. Decreased urin
    prostate enlargement or kidney problems
  68. Phimosis
    non retractible foreskin
  69. paraphimosis
    • retracted behind the glans
    • medical emergency
  70. yellow discharge from penis
  71. clear or white dishcarge of penis
  72. Enlarged scrotal sac may be due to
    • hydrocele
    • hematocele
    • bowel (hernia)
    • tumor
  73. hydrocele
    fluid withing hte scrotal sac
  74. dx via transillumination
  75. hydrocele common over
    • 40 yo
    • 10% of infants
  76. Hydrocele is painful T or F
  77. hydrocele tx
    • may not reuqire txx
    • outpt surgery
  78. Cause of hematocole
  79. hematocele is painful T or F
  80. does not transilluminate
  81. tx for hematocele
    • elevation and bedrest
    • may need evacuated
  82. inspection of scotum
    • spread rugae
    • inspect ventral and dorsal sides
    • color, integrity
    • lesions
  83. signs/sx of testicular cancer
    hard painles lump on the testicle
  84. pain or dull ache in scrotum
    testicular cancer
  85. bigger/more tender breasts
    testicular cancer
  86. tx for testicular cancer
    • remove testi
    • chemo
  87. signs/sx of epididimis
    • enlarged, reddened swollen
    • a/w prostatis or bacterial infection
    • Common cause of sudden scrotal pain
  88. orchitis
    inflammation of testes
  89. cause of orchitis
    • epididymitis
    • gonorrheal infection
    • mumps
  90. tx for spermatic cord torsion
    immediate surgery
  91. Voricocle
    abnormal dilation of veins of spermatic cord
  92. sign of vericocel
    feels like bag of worms
  93. cause of vericocele
    • 98% idiopathic
    • varicosities
  94. Most common cause of infertility in men
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