Early People

  1. Define: Evidence
  2. Define: Prehistory
    Events that happen before the invention of writing
  3. Define: Fossils
    The remains of a once livng thing
  4. Define: Artifacts
    A human made object from long ago
  5. Define: Hominids
    Early humans
  6. humans date back_______ years ago
    200,000 yrs. ago
  7. early people wanderd around in _______ or ________
    bands or groups
  8. what did early people do mostly
    hunters and gatherers
  9. some groups settled and grew.....
    food or crops
  10. early people created three things
    costums, language and tools
  11. what scientists looked at to learn about prehistory
  12. what archaeologists study
    things left behind from people
  13. what paleoanthropologists study
    the ansectors of modern people
  14. where and when was the homo erectus found
    1896 in Indonesia
  15. what was the first human found called
    homo erectus
  16. where was the Australopithecine found
    South Africa and Ethiopia
  17. what was the second human found called
    an australopithecine
  18. what was the name of the australopithecine that johanson found and how old was it
    "Lucy" 3 million yrs. old
  19. what did tim white discover in ethopia in 1994
    an astrolopithecine
  20. what did louis and mary leakey find in 1959 in africa
    a homo habilis
  21. australopihecines appeared in the south part of........
  22. over how many yrs. ago
    3 million
  23. were australopithecine plant eaters, hunters or both
    plant eaters
  24. Australopithecine had little _______ power
  25. homo hablis means_______
    handy man
  26. Homo habilis lived in where
    eastern and southern africa
  27. Homo habilis lived about_______ yrs ago
    2.5 millon yrs ago
  28. homo habilis had larger ______ _______
    brain power
  29. where homo habilis plant eaters, hunters or both
    hunters and gatherers (both)
  30. homo habilis made what kind of tools
  31. homo erectus means_______
    man who stands up right
  32. Where are the homo erectus lived
  33. how many yrs. aog did the homo erectus live
    1.9 million yrs. ago
  34. homo erectus had more _____ power
  35. What did fire help homo erectus to do
    migrate to other countries
  36. homo erectus tamed fire what was it used for
    protection and warmth
  37. homo erectus lived in bands that eventually spread to ___________
    asia and europe
  38. homo erectus were gathers, hunters, or both
    hunted and gathered (both)
  39. what kind of tools did homo erectus make
  40. homo sapiens means ______ ________
    wise human
  41. where did home sapiens live
  42. How long ago did the first home sapiens live
    150,000 yrs ago
  43. Homo sapiens lived at the same time as__________
    homo erectus
  44. the H.S. had larger _______
  45. What did the Home sapiens have taht Homo erectus did not?
    More and better tools and language
  46. Define migration
    A movement of groups form one place to another
  47. Define Ice Age
    A long cold weathered period when huge sheets of ice covered the earth
  48. define culture
    a unique way of life that sets another group a part
  49. define society
    an organized group of people that live and work under a set of rules and traditions
  50. What do Achreoligist use to determine the age and purpose of thing found?
    They use location of fossils and artifacts.
  51. What is radiocarbon dating used to do?
    Measure how much carbon is left in a dead animal/plant/person, to determine age of fossil
  52. How large of bands do Homo sapiens live in
    about 20 people of related families
  53. How did the band members work together
    They worked together to find food, make clothes and build shelter
  54. What did homo sapiens gather
    Fruit, nuts, roots, seeds
  55. What did homo spaiens hunt
    fish, turtles, birds, small rodents
  56. What was special about their tools
    they made different tools to do different jobs
  57. What did homo sapians live in
    Caves and rock shelters
  58. Why did homo sapiens move around
    When food was not available.
  59. Why did homo sapiens spread through the world
    there were larger bands in need of food
  60. How did the Ice Age allow travel and migration
    much of the earth was covered by glaciers so there was more dry land to travel and settle on
  61. How did land bridges help travel and what are they
    Conninents were connected because the oceans were frozen
  62. Why did bands have their own culture
    Because they had different resources and location
  63. How were cultures different, list of 5 things.
    they varied in clothes, types of shelters, artifacts, tools, and problem solving ideas.
  64. How did cultures change
    Contact with other bands of different cultures
  65. How did different cultures unite
    by language allowing ideas to be shared and learning to work as a team
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