American History

  1. Between 1880 and 1920, about ________ immigrants came to the United States.
    10 million
  2. he Statue of Liberty was given to the United States by
  3. Which of the following pieces of legislation created a new Mexican Border District?
    U.S. Immigration Act of 1907
  4. The middle class moved into
  5. The repeal of this legislation kept employers from recruiting foreign workers.
    Contract Labor Act
  6. Which of the following laws was deemed illegal by the federal government?
    Webb Alien Land Law
  7. In what industry did most African-Americans find jobs?
    domestic services
  8. Who published the book The Philadelphia Negro?
    W.E.B. Du Bois
  9. What were low-cost apartment buildings commonly called?
  10. City public services were paid for by
    tax money
  11. What was it called when groups organized to back a political official?
    political machine
  12. Where did the settlement house movement begin?
  13. hat was the first Chicago settlement house called?
    hull house
  14. The public school taught
    literacy skills.
  15. Which of the following is a women's college?
  16. Who believed that economic security should be placed ahead of integration?
    Booker T. Washington
  17. Which of the following was a popular women's collegate sport?
  18. Which of the following men wrote fictional novels?
    L. Frank Baum
  19. This legislation regulated railroad rates.
    Interstate Commerce Act
  20. Whose U.S. Treasury spending habits preceded a late 1800s depression?
    benjamin franklin
  21. Which of the following are reasons for U.S. imperialism?
    to open new markets
  22. The United States shows its position a as world power when it settled a dispute between which of the following nations?
    Great Britain and Venezuela
  23. Which country is geographically closest to the United States?
  24. Who led the U.S. Navy during the Spanish-American War?
    George Dewey
  25. ________ is a document that established naval bases in Cuba.
    Platt Amendment
  26. Which of the following people was a Hawaiian pineapple planter?
    Sanford Dole
  27. The assassination of _________ was one of the triggers for World War I.
    Archduke Ferdinand
  28. Which of the following battles occurred at the end of World War I?
    Battle of the Argonne Forest
  29. The Treaty of Versailles
    included a 33 million dollar bill for Germany.
  30. Wilson’s League of Nations
    was designed to ensure security.
  31. What did the War Industries Board do?
    managed the purchase of military supplies
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