N202 Mental Health

  1. What is Mental Health?
    How well one functions in social, personal and work situations. Dynamic
  2. What is Consciousness?
    Being aware of self and environment (LOC)
  3. Alert
    Awake or readily aroused
  4. Lethargic
    Somnolent, can be aroused by name, responds appropriately, but slow
  5. Somnolent
    Drifts off to sleep
  6. Obtunded
    • Sleeps continuously, difficult to arouse.
    • Arouses by shouting or vigorous shaking.
    • Requires contant stimulation
    • Converses in monosyllables and mumbles
  7. Stupor or Semi-coma
    Unconscious, responds only to vigorous shaking or pain, withdraws from pain, cannot converse, may groan or mumble
  8. Coma
    Unconscious adn unresponsive to pain
  9. Light coma
    May have reflexes
  10. Deep coma
    no motor reflexes
  11. Delirium
    Acute confusional state, hallucinations or impaired cloud
  12. Mood
    subjective, how a person FEELS. ex: euthymic, euphoric, dysthymic
  13. Euthymic
  14. Euphoric
    exaggerated feeling or wellbeign; mild elation
  15. Dysthymic
    Chronically depressed mood
  16. Affect
    Objective assessment of patient of mental status: appropriate, flat, labile
  17. Flat
    No change in facial expression
  18. Labile
    Extreme swings or over-reaction
  19. Thought processes
    Delusion (false that appears real), paranoia, confusion
  20. Paranoia
    Persecutory thinking associated with feelings of being treated wrongly.
  21. Orientation x3 or x4
    Person, place and time. (x4 add "preceding events")
  22. Cognition
    Orientation, memory, field of knowledge, insight, judgement
  23. Mood Disorders
    problems with mood or affect
  24. Psychotic Disorders
    problems with thoguht processes
  25. Dementia
    problems with cognition
  26. What are changes in mental status with aged adults?
    Mental status remains intact (no loss of knowledge or vocab), slower response, recent memory may be repaired, age related sensory perceptions can affect mental status (change in vision or hearing)
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