Microbiology quiz

  1. Which one of the following pairs is mismatched?
    Carbon dioxide-glycolysis
  2. The photosynthetic pigments used by the green sulfier bacteria and some archaeal species as ____________
  3. a key energy compound in bacterial photosynthesis by cyanobacteria is ________ and a major end-product is ________
  4. Which one of the following statements is false about enzymes?
    All enzymes names end in -ase
  5. A molecule of ATP contains......
    Adenine but no deoxyribose
  6. In fermentation reactions occurring in yeast, 2 products of metabolism are _____ & ______
    Carbon dioxide: ethyl alcohol
  7. Glucose is to photosynthesis as pyruvate is to ________
  8. Chemoautotrophic bacteria obtain the energy they need from ......
    Inorganic chemicals
  9. All of the following are electron acceptors for anaerobic respiration except....
    Oxygen gas
  10. Anabolism involves the synthesis .....
    of larger compounds
  11. What is the breakdown of molecules into smaller particles called?
  12. A reaction that requires energy to take place is called _______
  13. What part of the enzyme forms the enzyme substrate complex
    Active site
  14. How do enzymes work
    They lower the activation energy
  15. Which of the following is an example of a coenzyme
  16. what is it called when an enzyme is blocked at its active site so the normal substrate cant bind?
    Competitive inhibition
  17. Where is ATP produced in prokaryotic cells?
    On the cell membrane
  18. If cells can use oxygen in cellular respiration it is called ______
    Aerobic respiration
  19. What is the product of glycolysis
    Pyruvate and 2 ATPs
  20. Where is the most ATP produced in cellular respiration
    Electronic transport chain
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