A&P Chapt 8 (joints)

  1. Site where two or more bones meet
    Articulation (joint)
  2. Immovable joint
  3. Slightly movable joint
  4. Freely movable joint
  5. Fibrous joint
    Bones are joined by dense fibrous connective tissue
  6. Name the 3 types of fibrous joints
    Suture, Syndesmosis, Gomphosis
  7. Describe "suture" and give an example
    A seam formed between bones of the skull held together by very short connective tissue fibers

    Ex: only occurs in the skull
  8. Describe "syndesmosis" and give and example
    Bones connected exclusively by ligaments

    Ex: ligament connecting distal end of tibia and fibula
  9. Describe "gomphosis" and give an example
    A peg-in-socket fibrous joint

    Ex: tooth held in place by periodontal ligament
  10. (a) Describe "cartilaginous joint", and (b) name the two types
    (a) A joint in which articulation bones are united by cartilage

    (b) Synchondrosis and symphyses
  11. Describe "Synchondrosis" and give examples

    Is this type of joint synarthrotic, amphiarthrotic, or diarthrotic?
    A bar or plate of hyaline cartilage that unites that unites bones

    Ex: epiphyseal plates, joint between first rib and sternum

  12. Describe "symphysis" and give examples
    Articular surfaces of bones are covered with articular (hyaline) cartilage which is fused to an intervening plate of fibrocartilage

    Ex: intervertebral joints, pubic symphysis of pelvis
  13. Synovial joint
    Joints in which the articulation bones are separated by a fluid-containing joint cavity
  14. Name the six major features of a synovial joint
    • Articular cartilage
    • Joint cavity
    • Articular capsule
    • Synovial fluid
    • Reinforcing ligaments
    • Nerves and blood vessels
  15. Where does the synovial fluid come from?
    It is derived by filtration from blood flowing through the capillaries in the synovial membrane
  16. What are menisci?
    A crescent-shape disc of fibrocartilage that separates the articular surfaces of some synovial joints
  17. Bursae
    Flattened fibrous sacs lined with synovial membrane and containing a thin film of synovial fluid that help reduce friction
  18. Tendon sheath
    An elongated bursa that wraps completely around a tendon subjected to friction
  19. Muscle tone
    Low levels of contractile activity in relaxed muscles that keep the muscles healthy and ready to react to stimulation
  20. Ligament
    Dense regular connective tissue that binds bones together
  21. Tendons
    Dense regular connective tissue that binds muscles to bones
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