American History

  1. opposed the current constitution
    anti federalists
  2. supported a strong central government
  3. is the first ten ammendments of the constitution. They were introduced by James Madison. It is a series of limitations of the power of the United States federal government
    Bill Of Rights
  4. was a series of laws that were to serve as guidlines in governing the colonies
    Articles of Confederation
  5. What are some weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation
    • -established a limited national government
    • -only one branch of government(congressional system)
    • -no main judicial power
    • -each state could send as many representatives to participate in congress
  6. is a plan of government in which the role and responsibilities of the government are defined
  7. wanted to take some of the power held by the states and transform it into a more unfired and concise role at the national level.
  8. stated that three-fifths of the slave population would be counted when determining representation.
    three-fifths compromise
  9. proposed by Roger Sherman. created a Legislative Branch made up of two houses.
    The great compromise
  10. Missouri would be admitted as a slave state, while the newly created state of Maine would be admitted to the Union as a free state. This would help keep a balance of power within the Senate.
    Congress agreed that as the nation expanded westward, states that were admitted to the Union that were 36°30’ N latitude would be considered free states.
    Missouri Compromise
  11. United States would acquire Florida from the Spanish in 1795 with the signing of....
    Pinckney's Treaty
  12. to concede Florida to the United States, as well as its hold on the Pacific Northwest. As a result, the United States now held control of land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the treaty amended the boundary between the Louisiana Purchase and the Spanish territory in the West. However, the United States would have to relinquish its claim to parts of what would become Texas
    adams- onis treaty
  13. Handsome Lake chose to blend his culture, the Seneca, with that of the white settlers.
    assimilation of native americans
  14. opposed assimilation, aka " the Prophet." He went to war with white settlers.
  15. who was raised as a somewhat evangelical extremist, believed that slavery was morally wrong
    john brown
  16. wrote the novel to highlight the plight of the working class and to show the corruption of the Amerthe early-20th centuryican meatpacking industry during
    Upton Sinclair (The Jungle)
  17. used a vertical integration structure. He bought businesses at each phase of steel production development to control all phases of the process and keep prices low
    Andrew Carnegie
  18. used a horizontal integration structure by buying up oil refineries and consolidating them into one company. He formed a large corporation of a single enterprise.
    John D. Rockefeller
  19. exposed the deplorable conditions of tenement living in the book How the Other Half Lives, published in 1890.
    John Scopes
  20. developed a method to mass produce steel
    Bessemer kelly process
  21. believed that individuals should have the freedom to pursue success and either succeed or fail
  22. When groups of people would organize to back a certain elected city official,
    political machine
  23. included a reparations bill that would cost Germany $33 billion for the damage to the economies of the Allied Nations. It created both Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.
    Treaty of Versailles
  24. nation-wide anti-radical hysteria provoked by a mounting fear and anxiety that a Bolshevik revolution in America was imminent
    red scare
  25. addition to the Monroe Doctrine
    declaration added that the United State would intervene and protect weaker nations from being overtaken by more powerful ones.
    Roosevelt Corollary
  26. an essay, attempt to infuse the business world – especially the upper class of self-made millionaires – with a new sense of philanthropy.
    Gospel of Wealth
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