Complicated Pregnancies - Ch. 13

  1. What is difference between gestational class A1 vs A2?
    A1 - controlled by diet modification

    A2 - controlled by insulin or oral hypoglycemic
  2. Diabetes increases the risk of what neonatal conditions?
    • DKA
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Congenital malformations
    • IUFD
    • Macrosomia (shoulder dystocia/birth trauma)
  3. How is the mother diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
    2 abnormal values of 140+ are present in the 3 hour GCT
  4. What type of insulin is titrated on a sliding scale in intrapartum?

    (Long acting is to not be used during labor)
  5. Why is insulin decreased immediately in postpartum?
    Because when the placenta is out, estrogen and progesterone levels drop and revert to normal glucose levels
  6. What mmedications are used to treat hyperthyroidism?
    Propylthiouracil (PTU)

  7. What is phenylketonuria deficient of?

    How do you treat it?

    What are the effects on the fetus?
    Phenylalanine hydrolase

    Phenylalanine free diet (if not causes brain damage)

  8. At what week does GDM occur?
    20 weeks
  9. What oral hypoglycemic agent has shown to be safe for intake?
  10. What signs help differentiate hyperthyroidism from pregnancy?
    • Weight loss
    • Loose nails
    • Tachycardia that does not decrease with Valsalva maneuver
  11. What main labs are known in hyperthyroidism?
    • High thyroxine (T4)
    • Low TSH
  12. Why is hypothyroidism rare when it comes to pregnancy?
    Because most women are infertile already with this condition
  13. How is iron deficiency anemia corrected?
    Dietary modification
  14. What anemic conditions do not respond well to iron therapy?
    • Sickle cell anemia
    • Thalassemia
  15. How do you perform CPR on a pregnant woman?
    • Roll to the right slightly
    • (prevents hypotension)

    Chest compressions slightly higher on the sternum
  16. What is the difference between thalassemia major vs minor?
    • Major
    • Homozygous
    • Usually infertile

    • Minor
    • Heterozygous
    • Look anemic but no crisis
  17. What is the ultimate goal for asthma therapy?
    Prevent an attack
  18. What do you use to treat inflammatory bowel disease?
  19. What acne medication is contraindicated during pregnancy?
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