chemistry chapt 1234

  1. science
    observation, identification,description,experimental,nvestigation, and theoretical explanation
  2. chemistry
    the science of the composition structure, properties and reactions of matter especially of atomic and molecular systems
  3. solids
    shape-definite does not change


    particles-are close together, they cling to each other

    compressibilty-very slight less than liquids
  4. liquids
    shape-not definte assumes the shape of its container


    particles-are close together, are held together by strong attractive forces

    compressibiltyvery slight greater than solids
  5. gases
    shape- no fixed shape


    partiles-particles are far apart compared to liquids and solids

    particles move independently of each other
  6. matter
    all material that make up the universe
  7. hypothesis
    explanation of certian facts
  8. scientific method
    • collects facts or data
    • formulate a hypothesis
    • plan add experiment s and test hypothesis
    • modify hupothesis
  9. homogeneous
    • see through
    • uniform in appearance
    • same properties
  10. heterogenesous
    matter consisting of two or morephysically distinct phases
  11. pure substance
    alsways has same composition
  12. types of pure substance
    • element
    • compound
  13. measurment
    a quantative observation
  14. metric system
    a decimal system of units for measurements
  15. meter
    unit of length
  16. kilogram
    standra unit of mass
  17. volume
    space occupied by matter
  18. thermal enegry
    energy associated with the motion of small particles of matter
  19. temperature
    measure of the intensity of thermal energy, or how hot a system is
  20. density
    the raio of the mass of a substance to the volume occupied by that mass
  21. specific gravity
    ratio of the density of that substance to the desity of another substance
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