American History

  1. _______ prospered because of the attention given by the Spanish.
    new mexico
  2. Who launched the Bear Flag Revolt?
    William B. Ide
  3. Where was the first mission located?
    san diego
  4. Which of the following is a term that refers to American fur traders during the 1800s?
    mountain men
  5. Which of the following is a term that refers to the belief that something is inevitable?
    manifest destiny
  6. Who wanted to impose a new naturalization process?
    American Republican Party
  7. _______ was a Franciscan missionary that devoted himself to converting and educating the
    Native Americans.
    Father Junipero Serra
  8. Which of the following temporarily resolved the boundary issue between Great Britain and
    the United States?
    Convention of 1818
  9. What was the Oregon Treaty based on?
    boundary disputes
  10. Which of the following officially became a state in 1896 and served as a haven for
  11. This means to place under control of the government instead of the Church.
  12. Who was known as a dictator in Texas?
    santa anna
  13. What is the term referring to the process of becoming an American citizen?
  14. _______ was regarded as the founder of the Mexican War for independence.
    Miguel Hidalgo
  15. ______ was a Mexican Army officer that tried to attain independence for Mexico.
    Augustine Iturbide
  16. _______ was discovered in California in 1848.
  17. He was elected as the first President of Texas.
    sam houston
  18. _______ stated "Remember the Alamo."
    Santa Anna
  19. Immigration to the United States in the 1800s led to
  20. _______ officially became part of the United States in 1845
  21. The _______ officially granted Mexico independence from Spain in 1821.
    Treaty of Cordoba
  22. What was the acquisition of the southern portion of New Mexico and Arizona known as?
    the Gadsden Purchase
  23. Who spent time living among the Cherokee tribe and worked under President Andrew Jackson
    constructing treaties with the Native Americans?
    Sam Houston
  24. _______ provided incentive for settlers to live in Texas.
    Mexican Colonization Law
  25. Which of the following groups was from New York but felt ostracized by their neighbors
    because of their religious beliefs?
    Irish Catholics
  26. Who was given permission to settle a colony in Texas?
    Stephen Austin
  27. In 1836, the Republic of Texas voted in favor of
  28. Where was the site of the final battle in the war for Texas' independence?
    San Antonio, Texas
  29. He was elected as President of Mexico in 1833.
    Santa Anna
  30. What caused a surge of Irish immigration to the United States in 1848?
    potato famine
  31. Who was a lawyer who commanded the Republic of Texas forces at the Battle of the Alamo?
    William Travis
  32. After fighting for independence, what did Texas want?
  33. Which of the following was considered an effect of the California Gold Rush?
  34. _______ was used to persuade Americans to settle in Texas.
    The Mexican Colonization Law
  35. The Gold Rush of 1848 negatively impacted what group?
    Native Americans
  36. Which of the following was built to show a presence within California?
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