choosing and decisions

  1. to be in a quandary
    not to be able to decide
  2. to be in two minds about sth/wheather to do sth
    can't decide wheather or not to do sth
  3. to be shortlisted
    попасть во второй тур кандидатов
  4. to be spoilt for choice
    to have a lot of things to choose from
  5. to be torn between sth and sth else
    not to be able to choose between two things
  6. hand-picked
    chosen to do particular job
  7. to have a change of heart
    to change the way you feel about sth
  8. to have no alternative but to
    the only choice sb has is to
  9. to opt for/to do sth
    f. to choose sth
  10. to reach/to come to/arrive at a decision
    to decide after careful consideration
  11. to single (sth/sb) out
    to choose sth from the group of similar things
  12. to sit on the fence
    not to commit onesef in an argument
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choosing and decisions
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