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  1. What did britain set up in america after the revolution
    seven military forts
  2. why did britain hold on to forts in america
    • to stir up indian tribes
    • they didn't think the us would live up to treaty terms-debts and loyalist compensation
  3. what does co-belligerent mean
    they fought together but were not really an ally
  4. who was the united states co-belligerent with after the revolution
  5. what did spain have control over after the revolutionary war
    Floridia and the gulf coast region of new orleans
  6. How did spain hurt american trade after the rev war
    closed the mississippi river to american commerce but soon reopened it with a modest tariff
  7. why didn't the united states challenge any of the european powers after the revolutionary war
    their government was too weak to take on any european power
  8. who did the us trade with after the rev war
    europe and far east
  9. how did britain hurt united states trade
    they dumped low-priced manufactured goods into the united states
  10. did the us have a foavorable balance of trade after the rev war
    • no
    • they were in debt from f&i war and rev war
  11. why did the public start to loose confidence in congress
    they were not able to pay off debts
  12. why could congress not pass tariffs
    rhode island rejected the idea
  13. what caused inflation after the war
    states printed paper money
  14. what states had success in printing paper money
    south carolina new york and pennsylvania
  15. what state was not successfull when printing paper money
    rhode island
  16. What caused Shay's rebellion
    heavy taxes and farmers loosing their farms to forecloser
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