chance and probability

  1. to be in with a chance of +ing
    there is a good possibility
  2. to blow your chances
    to ruin your chances
  3. to grab an opportunity/chance (with both hands)
    quickly accept
  4. (sth will), in all probability, (happen)
    probably happen
  5. it is doubtful whether/that sth will happen
    sth probably won't happen
  6. it was purely by chance that
    ir was a complete chance
  7. to jump at the chance/opportunity
    to quickly accept a good opportunity
  8. (to do sth) on the off-chance
    do sth hoping it will succeed although you think it's unlikely
  9. to pass up a chance/opportunity
    to say no to a good opportunity
  10. (not) to stand a chance
    to have no possibility
  11. the chances are that sth will happen
    sth will probably happen
  12. the chances of sth happening are very remote
    there is very little possibility that sth will happen
  13. the odds are against that sth happening
    sth probably won't happen
  14. there's a slim/remote/little chance that sth will/could happen
    there is nt much possibility of sth happening
  15. there's every chance that sth will happen
    sth will defnitely happen
  16. there's every indication (to suggest) that sth will happen
    all the signs show that sth will probably happen
  17. there's every likelihood of sth happening/that sth will happen
    sth will very probably happen
  18. there's littl/no likelihood of sth happening/that sth wil happen
    sth is unlikely to happen
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