REMS Chapter 8

  1. involves collecting data to determine whether, and to what degree, a relationship exists between two or more quantifiable variables
    correlational research
  2. indicates the extent to which variables vary in a systematic way
    common variance
  3. refers to the probability that the results would have occured simply due to chance
    statistical significance
  4. a researcher attempts to gain insight into variables or factors that are related to a complex variable
    relationship study
  5. the most common technique uses the product moment correlation coefficient, usually referred to as the ____, a measure of correlation that is appropirate when both variables to be correlated are expressed as continuous data.
    Pearson r
  6. if the data for at least one variable are expressed as rank or ordinal data, the appropriate correlation coefficient to use is the rank difference, usually referred to as the _____
    Spearman rho
  7. the reduction in correlation coefficients that tends to occur if the measures have low reliability.
  8. the variable used to predict is called the ________
  9. the variable that is predicted is a complex variable called the _________
  10. an attempt to determine which of a number of variables are most highly related to the criterion variable
    prediction study
  11. An interesting characteristic of prediciton studies is ______, the tendency for the predicition to be less accurate for a group other than the one on which it was originally developed
  12. Any predictive relation should be subject to ________ with at least one other group, and variables no longer found to be related to the criterion measure should be removed
    Cross- validation
  13. a variable that cannot be directly observed or controlled, can influence the link between predictor and criterion variables
    intervening variable
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REMS Chapter 8
REMS Chapter 8