REMS Chapter 7

  1. involves collecting data to test hypotheses or to answer questions about people's opinions on some topic or issue.
    Survey Research
  2. an instrument to collect data that describes one or more characteristics of a specific population.
  3. ________ is one in which data are collected from selected individuals at a single point in time. It is a single, stand-alone study
    Corss-sectional survey
  4. In a _______ study, data are colelcted at two or more times. These surveys are extremely useful for studying the dynamics of a topic or issue over time.
    Logitudinal survey
  5. examines changes over time in a particular poulation defined by some particular trait or traits.
    Trend surveys
  6. involves one population selected at a particular time period
    cohort survey
  7. involves a sample in which the same individuals are studied over time.
    panel survey
  8. addresses development or change in a previously studied population, some time after the original survey was given
    follow-up survey
  9. a written collection or survey questions to be answered by a selected group of research participants
  10. an oral, in-person question-and-answer session between a researcher and an individual respondent
  11. most commonly, surveys consist of _____
    structured items
  12. requires a respondent to choose among the provided response options .
    Structred Item
  13. an ______ format, in which the respondent has complete freedom of response, is sometimes defended on the grounds that it permits greater depth of response and insight into the reasons for responses.
    unstructured item
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REMS Chapter 7
REMS Chapter 7